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Your Australian office interior design + construct partner..............experience the team difference that inspires, creates and excites.
We'd love to help you find the best interior office solution for your business.
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Our ethics are that we work solely and directly for you, not the Agent or Tenant Representative or Building Manager. You, our Client, have the right to choose your own interior team and the right to transparency. It is your money, your investment, and your business.
We facilitate our Clients with a "single point of contact" approach  simplifying project complexities encountered by design, cost and time restraints.
Australian Commercial Interiors P/L  implement the methodology of an interior Design + Construct  (D+C) Contract for each office project; i ncorporating these Express advantages;
The D+C Contract places a total responsibility for the project on ACi.
ACi liaisons with Building Management and City of Sydney Council and or Accredited Certifiers.
ACi guarantees the agreed project contract time and cost.
ACi engages all contractors and consultants, and ACi is fully responsible for their performance.
ACi, on your behalf, liaisons with Lease R/E Agents, Building Managers and Tenant Representatives.
ACi closely supervises every trade resource and all on site fit-out activities.
ACi provides the Client a direct and central project monitoring process that is overseen daily by a Director of ACi. 
ACi has the skilled expertise to swiftly assemble the best team to specifically match any Client’s business requirements.

The ACi Advantage

Inspire, Create, Excite

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The ACi Advantage, we believe, is true "Client-Project Partnering."
A commitment ACi realises underpins its interior successes where 'cutting the red tape' is highly advantageous to our Clients more than other traditional fit-out methodologies:
1.  Tighter control over the entire fit-out project from initial design through to construction and final occupation;
2.   ACi involves better liaison with all groups by deleting multiple external parties, “middle men”. In this, ACi achieves real accountability direct to the Client, and in-turn provides clear lines of communication to all concerned. A true total responsibility for the project;
3.  A shorter project time span from conception through to project completion can be achieved by streamlining the decision making process allowing ACi to handle each and every aspect of the project “in-house”;
4.  A reduction in time and money by your personnel having to be involved throughout the project. ACi will provide total management and control to all facets of the fit-out whilst reporting to your Office Manager of daily progress and project milestones;
5.  ACi holds regular meetings for the management and administration of the project on a weekly basis. These project control meetings are held with Client Representatives, ACi Project Managers, User Group Representatives and relevant specialist building service Consultants;
6.  Construction meetings are held weekly with all other trade contractors;
7.  ACi regularly issue Progress Reports to monitor various aspects of the project. Documentation Reports also ensure that site and trade contractors are working with the latest information and last minute variational changes are mitigated or are at least minimal;
8.  Quality Reports are issued immediately to monitor defects requiring timely rectification before the next construction phases start;
9.  Cost Reports are issued to Clients to review the status of contract commitments and assist our processing of progressive claims for payment. ACi are transparent in providing exact CREDITS and ADDITIONS of the project costs to the Client for review before proceeding. No variations will take place unless confirmed and agreed to in writing by both parties, it's that simple;
10. ACi have a proven track record in maintaining the Client’s budget and time constraints.
- The resultant ‘cost effectiveness’ of the above does not happen by chance, it's our "Client Partnering" in progress.

*EXTENDED OFFER - to New Clients - new office projects...
ACi extends our "Peace-of-mind" New Fit-out Parts and labour Warranty, on all new works performed, for the lifetime of the tenant's premise lease...........

Full Building Code of Australia (BCA) & Statutory Compliances

Once engaged, ACi contributes so much more than just the finished product;
1.   Initial consultation of Design Brief collaborated direct with Client is "Free of Charge";
2.   Provision of Preliminary Dilapidation Report for your selected new premise is "Free of Charge".....ready to present to the Client's Certified Practising Valuer for assessment prior to lease signing;
3.   Preparation of Architectural Design plans and relevant project details ready for Council submission is "Free of Charge";
4.   Preparation of Project Budgets and Scope of Works through consultation with the Principal (Client) is "Free of Charge";
5.   Submission of Complying Development Certificate (CDC) Building Application to associate Accredited Certifiers/Council containing all relevant Statutory and regulatory requirements;
6.   Co-ordination of building upgrades on behalf of Client to be undertaken by the Landlord/Building Owners;
7.   Pre ordering of essential materials and fixtures;
8.   Project Control Group meetings with Client Representative, Project Manager, User Group Representative and relevant specialist building service consultants;
9.   Construction meetings held weekly with trade contractors;
10.   Implementation of OH&S Policies and safety procedures on site, and contractor obligatory performance;
11. Documentation/project reporting to ensure that contractors are working with the latest information;
12. Quality reporting to monitor/mitigate defects - requiring timely rectification during construction phases;
13. Cost reports and review on labour commitments to review the status of contract commitments and assist the accounts processing of progressive claims for contractor payment;
14. Construction: Project Overview of all installations - plasterboard and glass partitions, doors and ceilings, flooring, furniture, painting, workstations, joinery, essential fire services, office lighting, power and data and associated components of each category;
15. Final Certification Packages and provision of Final Occupancy Certificate
16. Client Project Handover.
Please Request for Make Good Works and or "End of Lease Obligation" Quotations. These are compiled with a detailed Scope of Works and are available on request for your existing premises (if vacating).

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Your Australian office interior design + construct partner..............experience the team difference that inspires, creates and excites.
We'd love to help you find the best office solution for your business.
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